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Международная конференция «Литейное производство и металлургия 2017

Ассоциация литейщиков и металлургов Беларуси приглашает зарубежные компании на международную конференцию «Литейное производство и металлургия 2017. Беларусь», которая состоится в г.Минске 18-19 октября 2017 г.

Контактное лицо Ассоциации: Соболев Владимир Евгеньевич, +375 17 331 11 16, +375 29 770 47 34, sobolev-alimrb@tut.by, alimrb@tut.by.


of foundrymen and metallurgists

- ALiM-

Republic of Belarus,

220013, Minsk, Y..Kolasa str, 24, office 8

Tel./Fax +375 17 292-74-75, 331-11-16

e-mail: alimrb@tut.by www.alimrb.by



ліцейшчыкаў і металургаў

- АЛіМ-

Рэспублiка Беларусь,

220013, гiнск, вул.Я.Коласа, 24, пак.8.

тэл/факс +375 172 92-74-75, 331-11-16

e-mail: alimrb@tut.by www.alimrb.by

№29 16.03.2017 Minsk

Dear Colleagues,

We kindly invite you to the Jubilee XXV Annual International Scientific and Technical conference "Foundry production and metallurgy 2017. Belarus " on October 18 - 19, 2017 in Minsk, Belarus. The Conference will be accompanied by an exhibition. Mr.Andrew Turner, the Secretary General of the World Foundry Association (WFO) plans to participate in the Conference.

The aim of the Conference is to exchange views on the current and future trends in the foundry and metallurgy, modern technologies, ways to optimize production, training, supply and demand, and investments. We bring together industry representatives, sales managers, scientists and researchers in these fields of activities.


1. Foundry production, technology and materials, accessories, equipment, melting and treatment of non-ferrous alloys, control equipment, ecology, labor protection, information technologies.

2. Metallurgical production, pouring, rolling, drawing and pipe productions, refractory materials and ceramics, labor protection, economy.

3. Material science and protective coatings, welding technologies.

4. Training of specialists in foundry production and metallurgy.

5. Four thematic round tables.

Preliminary program is posted on http://alimrb.by/agenda-2017-conference

In case of participation you could make report or presentation. The report submitted could be published in the Journal “Foundry production and Metallurgy” (in Russian with the summary in English or in English with the summary in Russian). The Journal is included in DOAJ – Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden). Requirements for publications on the website www.limrb.by.

During the conference results of ALIM competition for the best innovative project in foundry and metallurgy and R&D of young scientists or engineers will be presented.

The participation fee of the conference - 250 euros per person. The fee includes full set of conference materials, payment for publications, meals, participation in all activities of the conference and in the festive events. We will be pleased if you would like to take part in the exhibition. Price – 70 euro per square meter.

Majority of foreign visitors to Belarus do not need entrance visas if entering through Minsk National Airport. Please check conditions at http://mfa.gov.by/en/visa/visafreetravel/e0ced19bb1f9bf2c.html

Kindly inform us about your decision before Sept 1, 2017.

Thank You in advance. The Application form is attached.

Best regards,

Association of foundrymen and metallurgists of the Republic of Belarus. Address: 24 -8 Kolasa Str, 220013, Minsk, Belarus


“FOUNDRY AND METALLURGY 2017. BELARUS ”, Oct 18-19, 2017, Minsk

Name, Surname of the participant(s), post(s) in the company, GSM, e-mail



Company, full address, telephone, e-mail, Bank information (IBAN, Account# etc.).If you prefer to pay participation fee by cash on arrival, please confirm in this application.

Will you have presentation at the conference? If yes, please give the title of presentation.

Would you like to publish your presentation in the Journal Foundry and Metallurgy? If yes, please give names and positions of the authors

Does your company wish to have stand at the exhibition of the conference?

If yes, please give details (sq.metres etc.)

What companies do you wish to meet during the conference (or visit Belarus enterprises)?

Majority of foreign visitors to Belarus do not need entrance visas. Please check conditions at http://mfa.gov.by/en/visa/visafreetravel/e0ced19bb1f9bf2c.html

Do you need hotel booking? Dates of arrival and departure

Date, signature


Fax/tel +375 17 331 11 16, e-mail: alimrb@tut.by, sobolev-alimrb@tut.by


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